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About company

The joint-stock company “Ukrgazstroy” is a giant of the capital construction industry in the fuel and energy complex.

“Ukrgazstroy” is many thousands of kilometers of main pipelines and hundreds of the largest gas and oil industry facilities around the world.

Successful long-term experience, professionalism, modern technologies and competent management of system business processes – this is the guarantee of the company’s further progress. Going in step with the times, the company is actively increasing the use of powerful resources of the company, expanding the partner base and geography of its activities.
People of “Ukrgazstroi” are a close-knit team of like-minded people, experienced workers and true professionals.
The company “Ukrgazstroy” guarantees high-quality implementation of “turn-key projects of any level of complexity, and more than half a century the authority of the company attests to this.

Ukrgazstroy began operations in 1946 and was named the Trust Ukrtruboprovodstroy. In 1991 the company was renamed into “Ukragazstroy”. Since 1994 it has become a joint-stock company
performed work on the development of the Vany-Egansky, Povkhovsky, Druzhba oil fields in the Yamal-Nenets Okrug, the construction of oil and gas pipelines in the Pechora region, the Northern Urals and the Lower Ob River
laid more than 50 thousand kilometers of steel pipelines
carried out construction on the territory of Ukraine, and in Russia, Belarus, Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa
equipped gas and oil fields, built underground gas storage facilities, pumping stations and compressor stations
was awarded the status of a world leader in oil and gas construction in the 1980s
a powerful professional association, not only possessing sufficient resources for the implementation of works of any complexity, but also actively mastering these resources in the new market conditions